World Marketing Summit

World Marketing Summit (WMS) Ltd. is an initiative of World’s most influential marketer Professor Philip Kotler with the objective of “Creating a Better World through Marketing”. With a registered office in Canada and an operational office in Bangladesh, WMS Ltd. aims to resolve the world’s most pressing issues through marketing driven approaches by fostering partnerships, providing strategic consultations, and ensuring the optimal use of resources by directing them towards the most effective ideas.

The goal of World Marketing Summit Ltd. is to create global movements through marketing strategies that will serve to inspire change in human behavior leading to a positive impact on society and living. The first event, World Marketing Summit 2012 will take place on March 1, 2 & 3, 2012. The first “World Marketing Summit (WMS)” is proposed to be held in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is selected because it represents the third world and has performed fairly well in the last decade. At the same time her performance is based on private sector growth and has a large energetic population which is likely to make this event a success.

The primary purpose of the summit is to showcase the strengths of marketing in approaching global problems that humanity has been striving hard to resolve for centuries. Under the prevailing global economic downturn, it is perhaps apt to identify more innovative approach to try and resolve these age old ailments. The summit will in this respect focus on the issues outlined under the MDG.