Bangladesh Brand Forum Celebrating 10 Years of Operation

10 years

Bangladesh Brand Forum has just turned 10 years old. BBF’s humble beginning started in 2007 through the 1st ever Bangladesh Brand Forum Seminar on April 27, 2007.  BBF, over the years, has created multiple ventures around its core vision – Transforming Bangladesh through Knowledge, Innovation & Branding ethos.

In the decade since its inception, Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) has tirelessly worked towards instilling brand ethos in Bangladesh. BBF has worked extensively to recognize leadership in marketing communication and brand building. As part of its initiatives, BBF has fostered innovation and entrepreneurship, nurtured creativity and worked towards representing Bangladesh at the international level. As the country works towards gaining middle income status, Bangladesh Brand Forum remains a pathfinder to driving the nation forward to become a knowledge economy.

The 10 year journey of Bangladesh Brand Forum has consistently revolved around:

  • Generating Knowledge
  • Inspiring the professionals, youth, women and business leaders
  • Sharing Knowledge to push the knowledge and innovation Conversation
  • Pursuing the holistic appreciation of Branding for societal and nation building

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