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Asia is growing rapidly as a market and business destination. As the economy is booming, organizations are feeling side effect of growing economy and facing national and international competitions in sustaining their position in consumer’s mind and purchase.

Thus, the role of a marketer is becoming more crucial in attaining organization’s success in growth and expansion. Marketers are to take on entrepreneurial roles to and grab new opportunities and tackle various challenges in the year 2018. Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) is the apex body of Asian marketing leaders from 16 Asian countries’ National Marketing Associations.

AMF’s critical mission is to effectively promote the interests of marketing in Asia in general and strengthening the Asian marketing fraternity. AMF proudly presents “the Top 8 Marketing Trends in Asia for 2018” for Asian marketers to watch out. For more details on the trends: http://bbf.digital/8-top-trends-marketing-asia


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